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​​​​​​​​​​​​Turnkey Church Renovations

IMG_1041 Blended Low 2.JPG

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Southeast Church Interiors is your one stop shop for your complete church interior and exterior needs.  Whether it be church renovations, church restorations, additions, or new construction, we will handle every detail from design, scheduling, construction, speciality services such as as stained glass and audio/video, and give any training necessary on new equipment.  You will be comforted to know that we also handle and service any warranty claims on any materials and labor.  Your church interiors will look better, cost less, and will be completed sooner when one group of experts who are all on the same team work together to exceed your needs and expectations. The key to a smooth project is to have one company take full responsiblity for the success of your project.

One thing we stress is we can renovate your entire church interior or a portion of it.  Often times, a church will have a member who does one or more of our trades and often will donate their services.  We are more than happy for them to save your money and we will work with them as we complete the rest of your project.

Many churches who believe that they need additional new construction space to be able to meet their needs are pleased to find that there is a much less expensive alternative in renovation.  We can relocate and multipurpose different spaces throughout the church campus to create a plan that can work just as well in many cases. We have saved churches millions on a single project through better planned renovations.

​​​​​​​​​​​​New Church Construction

Priestley Gym

​​​​​​​​​​​​Just like our renovation process, we offer turnkey design/build services as well as furnishings for new church buildings.  We can generally save a church 15-20% on the total project and still deliver the quality that every church demands. We have a ministry focused approach that will help ensure you have the right project for your ministry.


One benefit of a company that specializes in renovations and new church additions is that we are able to do just a renovation, just new construction, or a combination, whichever solution is best . A company that specializes in only new church construction will always have 1 answer: Build more buildings.  Re-purposing existing space is not how they make their living and their overhead is generally too large to do smaller projects.  So, they will miss great opportunities to save your church lots of money that can be used for ministry by reusing existing space. Also, companies that only do interior renovations could not handle your project if the right solution for your ministry was to build new.

It takes a very specialized and focused company that can understand your ministry needs, translate them into effective design and planning, renovate your existing facilities, expand your church building, provide all necessary church furnishings, and then hand you a key with only a single contract.  We are that company.

Church Design

​​​​​​​​​​​Whether you are renovating your church interiors, expanding your sanctuary, adding to an existing facility, or building a new church, our church design team can exceed all expectations. We offer full design services including CAD renderings, 3D photo realistic renderings, and interior design.


However, Our most important service is our Ministry/Facility Planning.  It is our unique and holistic ministry-focused approach for your ministry and facility needs.        

Ministry/Facility Planning:  Here we evaluate how your church ministry and your church facilities interact with each other.  We see your church facilities as a tool for the ministry God has entrusted you with. All of our advice and planning is based on this premise. Our goal is to make that tool as sharp, efficient, and effective as possible.

We then seek to understand where your ministry has been in the past, how it currently operates in the present, and what does the church leadership feel God has in store for the future.  This is important before we ever begin the church design. Churches, on average, only renovate or build every 25 years.  So, we must ensure we understand your ministry before we can make design recommendations for your facility that will impact your ministry and ministry delivery methods for the next quarter of a century.  

Our holistic approach of Ministry/Facility Planning is what separates us from every other design/build contractor and church architect by ensuring that we have the best and most appropriate project for your church for the least amount of money.

Church Audio, Video, Lighting

C2 - Sanctuary Stage Front Center.jpg
B3 - Sanctuary Looking Back.jpg
E3 - New Sound Equipment.jpg

Our company has Audio, Video, and Lighting designers to ensure that not only is your project installed correctly, but that it is designed correctly as well. We incorporate products that:

1.  Fit within the clients budget

2.  Are high quality and are known to not have issues

3.  Are user friendly according to the level of volunteers or paid staff of your church

4.  Are the best value in their category and price point

After every install, we take the time to train your volunteers and staff on how to use the products, how to troubleshoot, and how to achieve the best result with each product.  

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Windows
Rose Window

​​Stained glass is still an important part of many churches' sanctuary.  It adds beauty and reverence like few products can do. We not only install new stained glass products, but we have designers that can give you the look your envision.  We also offer stained glass restoration and repair.  


Contact us about your Custom Design and Installation for Classical Leaded Stained Glass, Hand Painted Stained Glass, Faceted Stained Glass​, Protective Coverings, ​and Light Boxes!

Painting and Plaster Repair

Cynthiana Before 3B _edited.jpg

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our painting crews have elated even the most demanding of churches across the Southeast.  We don't just slap paint on a wall.  Instead, we spend as much time as it takes to fix the drywall or plaster until it looks perfect.  Then, our skilled painters work their magic.   Church interiors are unique in that they have such large expanses that most residential and even commercial painters have not tackled before.  What many don't realize is that the condition of the wall itself will not look improved just by applying a new coat of paint on it.  It will actually show the problem areas in even more detail!   Our crews have fixed some of the most horrid plaster and drywall in some of the largest churches in the Southeast and made it look like new again. 

Pew Refinshing & Upholstery



Pew Refinishing and Upholstery Before
Complete Pew Refinishing and Reupholstery

When we refinish a pew, we completely disassemble it, strip it, sand it, and apply a brand new factory finish on your pews.  In reupholstering your pews, we remove all fabric and foam and go back with all new fabric and foam.  Both of these processes are important. To try and do a lite refinishing on a pew will not last.  If a company tries to use the existing foam to cut corners, the upholstery will look good for a little while, but eventually will begin to wrinkle as the foam gives out.  This also makes for uncomfortable sitting during the sermon.  When we touch your pews, we will do it right the first time!

New Church Furniture

Church Pews
Provider of Church Theater Seats
Southeast Church Interiors is a provider of Fine Church Chairs

Offering the Finest Selection of Pews, Church Chairs, Theater Seating, Pulpits, Communion Tables, and more!​

New Church Flooring

4b 20181128 IMG_0695 Priestley Finished.JPG
D6 After 031121 IMG_2149 Oak Grove Children From Steps Unbracketed.JPG
2b IMG_0653 foyer back 2 .JPG
Custom Church Carpet layout and design

Our floor crews are some of the best in the country.  They are also experts in removing and reinstalling pews to ensure there are no structural problems later from incorrect installation techniques that can ruin pews.

Selecting the right flooring is as important as a quality install. We are experts in church flooring and can assist you in making the right selection!


Craftsmanship.  This is something hard to find these days in almost any trade, and carpentry is no exception.  This is a rounded platform with flow-through steps for the return-air before it was carpeted.  Just a tiny example of specialty work we can perform for your project.

Baptisteries and Steeples

Baptistries, Portable Baptistries, and Dry Minister Baptistries
Steeples and Baptistries

As the tallest part of your church, the steeple is what people can see from far away.  It's often a difficult decision because there are so many options.  We can help you through your decision making process by giving advice on what may compliment the architectural styling of your building and the size of your budget.  To help you better visualize your new steeple, we can render a 3D photo realistic picture of your new steeple on your church.


Whether you are building a new church, need to replace an old baptistry, or have bought a church building that has no baptistry, we can assist you in making a great choice you'll be pleased with for years to come.  Whether you need a portable baptistry, a baptistry that is actually out on the stage, or if you would like to keep your minister dry, we have all the options you will need to make your decision.

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