​​​​​​​​​​​     We specialize in full turnkey church building services including all the services you see to the right.  However, our most important service is our Ministry/Facility Planning and is included with every project and service we offer.  It is our unique and holistic ministry-focused approach for your ministry and facility needs. Feel free to click on any of the tabs on the right to learn more about our specific offerings.            

     Ministry/Facility Planning:  Here we evaluate how your church ministry and your church facilities interact with each other.  We see your church facilities as a tool for the ministry God has entrusted you with. All of our advice and planning is based on this premise. Our goal is to make that tool as sharp, efficient, and effective as possible.

    We then seek to understand where your ministry has been in the past, how it currently operates in the present, and what does the church leadership feel God has in store for the future.  This is important before we ever begin the church design. Churches, on average, only renovate or build every 25 years.  So, we must ensure we understand your ministry before we can make design recommendations for your facility that will impact your ministry and ministry delivery methods for the next quarter of a century.  

     Our holistic approach of Ministry/Facility Planning is what separates us from every other design/build contractor and church architect by ensuring that we have the best and most appropriate project for your church for the least amount of money.


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