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When you contact Southeast Church Interiors, we come to your church at no cost to you to assess your facility needs.  You will meet with people who are not only glad to see you, but understand the many styles of worship and administration throughout the various denominations. Not only that, but we are at the forefront and cutting edge of technology integration and versatile design to ensure you receive the greatest return on your investment.  On the other side of the coin, our crews are masters of restoration and timeless craftsmanship that will leave your church facilities breathtakingly beautiful.

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Southeast Church Interiors is a church design build firm specializing in church renovations, church construction, and new church furnishings.  We begin with a holistic ministry-focused approach that starts with the needs of your ministry to determine the best project and services for your facilities.  Our team members have extensive church renovation, design, and construction experience ranging up to 30+ years.


While the truth of the Gospel never changes, we are always looking to stay on the forefront of what is happening as delivery methods of ministry are ever changing.  As we seek to better understand how churches are using their facilities as a ministry tool, we hope this translates into effective designs that meet your facility needs and enhances your ministry.​ 

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