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What's the Best Way to Ensure a Majority Church Vote?

    If you can’t get the vote, you will have wasted countless hours of preparation, meetings, and discussions.
1. Get key individuals involved early. This includes any people with applicable real world expertise as well as the key leaders of the church.
2. Never commit to a higher percentage vote to pass the project than what is needed in the bylaws. You can always decide among the committee later that you didn’t feel that was a very cohesive vote, but you can’t go ahead with a 75% vote when all you needed was 67% but you told everyone 85%.
3. Never let the whole church vote between two ideas, only yes or no for a whole project. Want to see a church split? Let them vote between two carpet colors.
4. 3D Photo-realistic Renderings.  If they can’t see it, they can’t get behind it either with their vote or pocketbooks. We are such a visual generation between televisions and computers.  People rely more heavily on images for their confirmation than ever before.  Photo-realistic renderings of what the church will look like upon completion can and have made all the difference.
5. Have a company that can help you through your decision making process and also that can help the church catch the “vision” of the project.

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