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Should We Consider Self Performing Our Own Project?

    As far as the church getting together for church work days, it’s ideal to self perform many kinds of maintenance and landscaping.  However For tasks that require craftsman and professionals, it’s best to hire someone who is qualified. Moldings that are uneven, bad paint jobs, faulty electrical wiring, refinished pews that have run marks and splotches, pews that have wrinkled fabric, sound that doesn’t work or feeds back, etc are just samples of real life scenarios we have seen after a church self performed their own project.
     So, when should you self perform. If you have those who are donating labor or materials and are qualified to perform the project, that’s a good time to self perform that portion of the work and still hire qualified professionals for the other portions. If you have people who are fully donating their portion of the work, materials and labor, that’s even better.  The reason is that if they still charge materials or labor and the church is unhappy, the church will still say, “and we paid for that?”  If it’s completely free, there shouldn't be any complaints.

     We are happy to work with your qualified church member or affiliate of the church while we perform trades that are not being donated.

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